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“The Game of Murder” by Oskari Esa

The Hunger Games is the new blockbuster hit and the books are flying off the shelves.  It is a story of blood and death of children killing children to win victory and fame for their district.  Or at least this is what the critics have said about the movie.  Is this the correct way to describe the movie? Also, should a Christian be seeing this movie or reading the books?

A few have said NO because we need to be in the world and not of it.  We need to distance ourselves from the culture and the message this movie is putting forward.  Many think this movie is proposing the idea of children killing children is a thrill and is a great form of entertainment.  They say it falls under the 5th commandment (You shall not murder).

But does it really fall under the 5th commandment?  No one is really dying and if people think critically about the movie and read the books, you will see that the movie is not saying we should find it entertaining watching children brutally kill children.  It is rather critiquing the way our culture looks at entertainment.

I personally do not find a problem with this movie as long as you look at it critically.  Books and now movies have always been controversial because of questionable content.  The Lord of the Flies, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and even the Harry Potter series are a couple of these controversial books.

The main character sacrifices her life for her younger sister and volunteers to go into the game of gladiatorial combat.  She saves her sisters life and she realizes she most likely will die in this “game.”  It is not a movie for the sake of killing but is a story of love and sacrifice.  We should take what we can from this movie and see how it relates to our lives as Christians.

As a Christian we are the younger sister who is going to die but Christ came and said He would take our death upon Himself.  Christ even says this about love for our neighbor, “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends” John 15:13.   Jesus Christ, our God, became man to die on the cross to save His fallen creation.  Why should we not appreciate a book or movie that has the point of sacrificial love in it?

The Hunger Games is more than a slasher film where people watch it to be scared and to see blood.  This movie has a story and deeper meaning to it.  Should Christians watch this movie?  I think the ones that can think critically should be allowed to see it.  To those who do not want to see or think it is a sin for others need to realize that it is not breaking a law or commandment.  Young children should not see it but it is a movie that can be used to teach others.

“May I have a Word with you?” by Pompadoras

In the Large Catechism, we confess: “It is the Word I say which makes and distinguishes this Sacrament, so that it is not mere bread and wine, but is, and is called, the body and blood of Christ. For it is said: Accedat verbum ad elementum, et fit sacramentum. If the Word be joined to the element, it becomes a Sacrament. This saying of St. Augustine is so properly and so well put that he has scarcely said anything better. The Word must make a Sacrament of the element, else it remains a mere element.” (LC VII 10)

Here we have the definition of the Sacrament, according to St. Augustine’s formula. Word + Element = Sacrament. The Word makes the Sacrament effective, not the faith of the celebrant or recipient. But the question is, what does Luther understand by “Word”? Does he simply mean that the mere recitation of the Verba over bread and wine, regardless of the intention or use, unites the body and blood of Jesus Christ to these elements Sacramentally? Or does the “Word” mean not simply the grammar and sounds of language, but also God’s intention and meaning as well?

This is a current debate among first year students at the seminary. The specific application question is whether or not the Reformed churches have the Sacrament. In the Reformed confession, the Verba are spoken just as purely as at any Lutheran altar, but is it truly the Word of God when they completely deny the substance of God’s Word which says that the bread and wine are the true body and blood of Christ?

I like cartoons, especially this Mormon cartoon!!! :)

I remember that I was over at a house of a friend of mine who is a professor.  He showed  this cartoon to me on YouTube.  The funny thing is, this is what the Mormons really believe, as least the ones who really know what the Mormons really teach.  Mormons are just like Christianity they say, at least, this is what they think …. enjoy ….

“Banned Mormon Cartoon” – Youtube

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