Residential Education at Concordia Theological Seminary


Chapel services are clearly the center of our community at Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne. This point is not a matter of pride, but a given, given and shed for you for the forgiveness of sins. Our belief in residential Seminary education at CTS is NOT a question of practicality but about a dynamic education grounded precisely of who we are and what we are as baptized Christians in the community of saints.

-FB Post 5/31/13

Two Kinds of Righteousness

The modern understanding of the second kind of the two kinds of righteousness is the second part of the the third use of the Law that is used as a guide to the Christian life. Quiet, I’m trying to figure this out!! It’s got to be better than the simple dynamics of Law and Gospel in the Christian life!

FB Post 5/28/13

The problem is the hymnals in the pews ….

My post on December 9, 2012 Facebook:

“The problem with screens being put up in sacred places in Lutheran churches did not begin with the liberal contemporary movement, it began when we first put hymnals in the pews. Thus the Hymnal became a Sunday morning thing and no longer a prayer book for our daily life including Sundays. And in time, the hymnal became unpractical and limited the Sunday experience because of the unfamiliarity with the hymnal. The Lutheran Hymnals traditionally unified the “culture” of the Lutheran Church.”


Master and Commander, an example of life

I rode my bike to work in the cool air of the morning. I was listening to a great soundtrack from Master and Commander.  What a great movie! The ship scenario can never be beat; the movie is an example of loyalty, tragedy, respect, dignity, community and true friendship, where everybody was there for everybody; they had to, they were all in the same boat! Their reason for being there had to be kept in mind for their survival and their mission. Perhaps that is why the Church is seen as a ship, we are all in the same boat if you will. We might ask if this scenario is true for us today or are we drifting by the very winds of our own selfish sails?


-Quoted on my Facebook, 8/7/2012