Two books “On My Desk”

Two books I am planning on reading, one I just received is:  Michael and Christ: Michael Traditions and Angel Christology in Early Christianity, by Darrell D. Hannah and the other is a new one that just came out: Friends of The Law, Luther’s Use of the Law for the Christian Life, by Edward A. Engelbrecht.  I should have a review soon.

Recommended Reading List For Those Intending to enter into the Seminary

( I will continue to add and revise this list as time goes on)

The Holy Bible – English Standard Version  (Recommend the Lutheran Study Bible from Concordia Publishing House)

The Lutheran Confessions (Concordia: Pocket Edition which is really nice from Concordia Publishing House)

The Lutheran Service Book (CPH)

Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation (CPH)


We begin with preparation through prayer and devotion:

Treasury of Daily Prayer (CPH)

The Lutheran Book of Prayer (CPH)

Reading the Psalms with Luther (CPH)


A few year old statistic but at CTS, 72 % of our students did not grow up any kind of Lutheran.  We are a growing Synod with pastors of different backgrounds with a great appreciation of the Lutheran confession.  We are also existing in an increasingly  diverse world. Here are some good books that would be a good read:

The Lutheran Difference (CPH)

Luther the Reformer (CPH), by Rev. James M. Kittleson

The Hammer of God (CPH) by Bo Giertz

Infant Baptism, by Dr. David P. Scaer (CPH)

Discourses in Matthew – Jesus Teaches the Church, by Dr. David P. Scaer (CPH)

The Great Jesus Debates: Four Early Church Battles about the Person & Work of Jesus, by Douglas W. Johnson (CPH)

Eucharist and Church Fellowship, by Werner Elert (CPH)

Worhsip, Gottesdienst, Cultus Dei, by James L. Bauer (CPH)

The Apostolic Fathers in English, Ed. by Michael W. Holmes   …. Or The Loeb Classical Library series:  The Apostolic Fathers, vol. 1-2

More in Depth:

Martin Luther, Volume 1 (His Road to Reformation, 1483-1521)  by Martin Brecht (CPH)

Martin Luther, Volume 2 (Shaping and Defining the Reformation, 1521-1532) by Martin Brecht (CPH)

Martin Luther, Volume 3 (The Preservation of the Church, 1532-1546) by Martin Brecht (CPH)

Philosophy for Understanding Theology, (2nd Ed) by Diogenes Allen and Eric O. Springsted (Amazon)

Primary Readings in Philosophy for Understanding Theology, by Diogenes Allen and Eric O. Springstead (Amazon)