A People without a memory …

A people without a memory is a people without a history, and a people without a history is a people without an identity: if we do not know where we came from, then we cannot know where we are now, nor where we are going.”

p. 12, The Pastor, Readings From The Patristic Period, by Philip L. Culbertson, Arthur Bradford Shippee, ed.

A post on my Facebook about package notifications that I received from Amazon

April 12, 2013
Amazon has a great service that texts your phone when your items come in. Of course since I am on the road and my items come to my office, I think my office should be a little concerned! Here are my two text that came in:

Amazon.com: Your package with Demonic P… and 1 other item(s) has been delivered by the carrier. Rate packaging at Amazon.com/box

Amazon.com: Your package with The Devil… and 1 other item(s) is on a carrier vehicle and should be delivered today.