Top Twelve Books Every Lutheran Seminarian Should Read Before Graduation, by Prof. Pless

  1. The Bible
  2. The Book of Concord
  3. Bayer, Oswald. Martin Luther’s Theology: A Contemporary Interpretation
  4. Elert, Werner. Eucharist and Church Fellowship in the First Four Centuries
  5. Elert, Werner. The Structure of Lutheranism
  6. Giertz, Bo. The Hammer of God
  7. Koeberle, Adolph. The Quest for Holiness
  8. Krauth, Charles Porterfield. The Conservative Reformation and its Theology
  9. Luther, Martin. Commentary on Galatians
  10. Luther, Martin. The Bondage of the Will
  11. Sasse, Hermann. Here We Stand
  12. Walther, C.F. W. Law and Gospel



Bayer, Oswald. Living By Faith: Justification and Sanctification. Eerdmans.

Bayer, Oswald. Martin Luther’s Theology: A Contemporary Interpretation. Eerdmans

Forde, Gerhard. On Being a Theologian of the Cross. Eerdmans.

Forde, Gerhard. The Captivation of the Will. Eerdmans.

Giertz, Bo.The Hammer of God. Augsburg Fortress

Hagglund, Bengt. History of Theology. Concordia.

Hamann, Henry. On Being a Christian. Northwestern.

Iwand, Hans Joachim. The Righteousness of God According to Luther

Kittelson, James. Luther: The Reformer. Augsburg Fortress

Lull, Timothy. Martin Luther’s Basic Theological Writings. Fortress

Luther, Martin. Day by Day We Magnify Thee

Nestingen, James. Martin Luther: A Life.

Parton, Craig.The Defense Never Rests: A Lawyer’s Quest for the Gospel. Concordia

Paulson, Steven. Luther for Armchair Theologians. Westminster John Knox Press.

Pless, John T. Handling the Word of Truth: Law and Gospel in the Church. Concordia.

Preus, Robert. Justification and Rome. Concordia

Sasse, Hermann. Here We Stand. Lutheran Publishing House

The Lonely Way (Volumes 1-2). Concordia

We Confess. Concordia

Senkbeil, Harold. Dying to Live: The Power of Forgiveness. Concordia

Veith, Gene. The Spirituality of the Cross. Concordia

Wells, David. Above All Earthly Powers: Christ in a Postmodern World. Eerdmans

Wingren, Gustaf. Luther on Vocation. Ballast Press

-Prof. John T.Pless