It enters the consciousness,
a constructional image created
to attack the senses of the body.

Darkness is appealing,
adding to the effects of the illusion,
in progressing to haunt the physical and mental self.

Creating a pseudo like monster,
a knowing of the unknown that isolates reality.

The title means “Fear” in German.  I wrote this in 11th grade (1983-84).  It describes many of our fears in life like a child who lies in his bed in a dark room at night, looking around and fearing the dark bedroom but in a room there is really nothing to fear.  The child creates or insights fear within his own imagination.

I remember as a child being afraid of the dark bedroom, but then doing two things.  I prayed Luther’s evening prayer and especially the words, “Into Thy hands I commend myself, my body and soul and all things, let Thy holy angels watch over me that the wicked foe have no power over me.”  I imagined these huge angels watching over my bed, bigger than any evil that existed in my room.  The other thing I would do is simply walk over to what appeared to be a scary shadow in my room in order to prove to myself that there was nothing to fear.

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