An Old List of Books on Demonology From An Old Blog

From one of my old blogs, posted on Jan. 20th, 2007.  This is not my updated list such as in this blog.



Some time soon, down the road, I will close down my website (which existed for a number of years) and concentrate on blogging. So I decided to transfer some of the information on my site to my blog. There are two areas of my studies, one is Islam (for my Ph.D.) and the other is on Demonology (for inspiration! – just joking). My study in demonology includes topics such as authority, self-examination, private confession and the like.

A bibliography from my library and I have a few more to add to this list. Here are the books:

An excellent set of books by Jeffrey Burton Russell:—–

The Prince of Darkness (A summary of the following three books)

The Devil, Perceptions of Evil from Antiquity to Primitive Christianity

Satan, The Early Christian Tradition

Lucifer, The Devil in thee Middle Ages

Mephistopheles, The Devil in the Modern World


Biblical Demonology, a study of Spiritual Forces at Work Today by Merrill F. Unger (Excellent work)

Screw Tape Letters by C.S. Lewis (Great work of course and a good book for your collection.)

The Snakebite Letters, Devilishly Devious Secrets for Subverting Society As Taught in Tempter’s Training School, by Peter Kreeft (A play off from the Screw Tape Letters by C.S. Lewis, Kreeft is a good author to read but he is influenced by Roman theology. It is a good book but not necessary for your library.)

Hostage to the Devil, the Possession and Exorcism of Five Contemporary Americans by Malachi Martin (This text is referred to a lot, a good book but to be read with a critical mind.)

The Origin of Satan, Elaine Pagels (A known theologian and a liberal critic, interesting but as far as I see it, not worth having in your library.)

The Complete Book of Devils and Demons, by Leonard R.N. Ashley (Great book to have in your library, easy read and a nice survey.)

The Serpent of Paradise: The Incredible Story of How Satan’s Rebellion Serves God’s Purposes
By Erwin W. Lutzer (I have not read this book but read excepts – looks good.)


Angels (and Demons), What Do We Really Know About Them? by Peter Kreeft (Kreeft is a great author despite his influence from distinctive Roman theology. I have a number of his books)

Angels and Demons, Have Wings–Will Travel, by John D. Schuetze (Basic presentation but good book for your collection)

Angels: Elect & Evil, Revised By: C. Fred Dickason (Looks good but I only have read a few pages here and there.)


An Exorcist tells his Story by Gabriele Amorth (It is about what an exorcist see and does and not as doctrinal or seek to prove the existence of the demons. He is a priest from the Roman denomination.)

An Exorcist, More Stories, by Gabriele Amorth (Additional stories from the book listed just above)

Jesus the Exorcist, A Contribution to the Study of the Historical Jesus, by Graham H. Twelftree (Not certain about this book, I have only read a few pages but it is loaded with what you like to call, “higher criticism.” I am not certain if I would encourage you to buy it for your library but I need a book that offers some criticism.)

In The Grip of Evil, An In-Depth Look At Exorcism And The Terrifyingly True Story Behind The Film The Exorcist! DVD ROM (Good study on a particular excorcism with documents such as a diary from a priest)

Interview with an Exorcist, Fr. Jose Antonio Fortea DVD (I enjoyed the interview of the Spanish priest who did a lot of study in Exorcism)

Books on heaven and hell:——

Inferno, The Divine Comedy by Dante (I did not finish reading the Inferno however it is a great classic.)

A History of Heaven, The Singing Silence by Jeffrey Burton Russell (To be honest, I have only read a few pages of this book but it looks very good. Same author from above.)

A History of Hell, by Alice K. Turner (Great book with pictures – especially for you who do not read!)

Heaven, A History, by Colleen McDannel and Bernhard Lang (It would be important that you can distinguish between what is history and what is in line with the truth of the Holy Faith. Good read but only for the one educated in theology.)

Good and Evil—–

The Problem of Evil in the Western Tradition by Joseph F. Kelly (I did not finish reading this book but it appears to be excellent. A little deep for the average reader however well written – so far.)

On Evil, by St. Thomas Aquinas (535 pages in the copy I have, it is highly philosophical and I recommend it is only for the advanced reader trained in theology and philosophy.)


On the Human Condition by St. Basil the Great

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