Band of Brothers

About twice a year I watch the whole series of Band of Brothers.  What a great movie about the story of Easy Company of the US Army 101st Airborne division and their campaign in WWII in Europe.  Maj. Richard “Dick” Winters (RIP Jan 2, 2011) was a great example of a leader who did his service with a certain passion and was there, if you will, he was really there for the men that he lead.  I am looking forward to reading the book on got on my Kindle, “Beyond Band of Brothers: The war Memoirs of  Major Dick Winters”  by Dick Winters and Cole c. Kingseed.

In Boy Scouts, (I’m an Eagle Scout), much of what we learned was from the philosophy of leadership drawn from classical military instruction.  It taught dignity, leadership, teaching those of whom you lead, working together, and the list goes on.  Band of Brothers shows this great dynamic.

Also, reflective of what I wrote as my status in FB:

-H.F.  (Yes, it’s me, this is my German name when I was a student in Germany – Hans Foehn)

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