Suggested books on Angels and Demons

I will add to this list simply because I am doing this quick but I have been asked regarding what books to read.  Feel free to check back soon.

I Am Not Afraid: Demon Possession and Spiritual Warfare, by Robert H. Bennett

Of course I may not be in full agreement with the following books, I have enjoyed them none the less:

99 Answers to Questions about  Angels and Demons and Spiritual Warfare, B.J. Oropeza

Angels, Elect and Evil, by C. Fred Dickason

Wizards that Peep, A Journey Into the Occult, Siegbert W. Becker

Biblical Demonology, A Study of Spiritual Forces At Work Today, by Merrill F. Unger

For you liturgical and patristic types:

The Angels and Their Mission, by Jean Danielou

The Angles and the Liturgy, Erik Peterson

For you that lean towards the Roman denomination:

Roman Ritual and Christian Burial, Exorcisms, Reserved Blessings, Etc (Latin and English) published by Preserving Christian Publications, Inc., Boonville, New York

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